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Production of labels for household chemicals

Labeling personal hygiene products include a wide range of fields of application, from consumer goods to luxury products: hair care, skin, suntan, and sun protection, the bath and shower, perfume, and cosmetics.

 The industry producing goods for personal care, makes the high technical requirements for labeling. Flexible packaging requires a flexible label. Many final users indicate that the label should be resistant to water and the contents of the vial or the bottle also requires resistance to the chemical effects and the effects of fatty ingredients.

 The range of self-adhesive polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) films Raflatac's covers most fields of application. A transparent label creates the effect of total absence of label. Environmentally friendly UV-modified hot-melt adhesives have been specifically designed for the manufacture of labels for the opening and closing of the package, combined with a wide range of surface materials.