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Labels for food products

Of all variety of self-adhesive labels that are used in the food industry, will detail the two:

  • Film,
  • Self-adhesive paper labels.

Paper labels are printed based, can be dry and self-adhesive labels (with the press to put glue on them). In addition, there are many parameters of self-adhesive paper and film, to be taken into account when using film and paper labels, and labels in the food industry.

Important parameters of the paper are:

  • Food self-adhesive paper or film must have a definite composition;
  • Visual indicators (color adhesive label, its type);
  • Density;
  • Porosity;
  • Transparency / opacity;
  • Humidity;
  • Alkali resistance of adhesive paper or film;
  • Strength;
  • Self-adhesive labels from the film or paper must have a degree of elongation;
  • The nature of the front and back side (which is important for the press and glue coating).

It should be understood that the choice of paper should be carried out under a specific order, taking into account all the characteristics of the food, for example, sausage’s self-adhesive labels, which printed stickers or paper labels will be intended for. The correct choice of paper, glue, paints used in the printing company, good equipment provides excellent results and relatively low cost for the finished product.

More often than not, paper labels are used for application to jars and bottles (wine labels), because this kind of packaging are often subjected to external mechanical impact, and also has a long shelf life. Paper labels and stickers are less stable and much less retain the attractive appearance.

Film self-adhesive label and stickers are usually made of polypropylene (food film). Important advantages of such labels are the strength and endurance, bright colors and more modern, attractive appearance.

Due to the fact that the domestic producers’ experience of the production of paper labels and stickers from adhesive tapes is relatively small, the cost of such products is significantly lower.

Self-adhesive labels’ production, in particular for the food industry does not stand still. There are more and more new materials, indicators are improving, and now it’s obviously that every year the number of products of domestic production will increase and their cost will decrease.