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Labels for alcoholic beverages

Producers of alcohol used two types of self-adhesive labels: on the metalized paper and film-based (polypropylene with super pellucid glue)

Paper-based labels are cheaper and simpler, but it is very important the way of the finish. In the majority, the customers focused on expensive, elite, with exquisite design label – that’s why, there are used foil stamping, and congr?s, and laminating, and other technological devices in the furnish. Often, the game of design and good printing performance of paper labels can make it more winning and interesting than film. But the first is self-adhesive label on polypropylene with super pellucid glue, because it needs in use high-speed automatic labeling lines in the alcohol industry.
For prestigious brands of alcoholic beverages used super pellucid film with super pellucid glue that creates a complete imitation of printing on glass.