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Manufacturing of labels for pharmaceutical production

Manufacturing of labels for pharmaceutical production has variety of features, not every polygraphic company can answer it.

Firstly, the surface of packing of many preparations is very small often. Printing of pile of paper labels for iodine or brilliant green is very easy, but imagine, drawing of a label on ampoules with antibiotics or marking of capsules should be very much technological!

Secondly, are already sterilised after they are packaged and marked. Hot steam, gamma radiation, electrons, the gas chamber - each of these ways of sterilisation demands special materials both for packing and for a label. The label will fuse from a heat, the paint will go bad or glue will lose stability if you chose material incorrectly. First of all, you should take into account that chemical activity of the material can increase in the conditions of sterilisation. Our experts will help you to match the most safe grades of a film and to save medicines.

Thirdly, some pharmaceutical preparations demand specific storage conditions, for example, frosts or colds. Sometimes many kinds of a film can lose elasticity. Therefore, the material for label manufacturing should maintain differences of temperatures.

Chiefly, materials for manufacturing of labels shouldn’t cooperate with a packing material, get through it and to enter chemical reactions with preparations neither at sterilisation nor at storage.

Polygraphic company "Alliance" executes manufacturing of lables of pharmaceutical production with observance of all hygienic and state norms of quality. We have the all necessary equipment and materials for manufacturing of labels which not only can involve a sight of buyers with bright paints even after rigid sterilisation, but also will be absolutely safety even at long storage of preparations.

Quality of our labels is worth pride, and cost of manufacturing of a label will pleasantly surprise you.