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Labeling in transport logistics

The use of different product labeling in the logistics warehouse and transportation logistics – is fairly new direction for our market, but, nevertheless, is one of the most rapidly developing and promising.

Self-adhesive labels which are used in logistics transportation, have a short life cycle, because the area of their application is inventory, sorting, labeling in order to accommodate different loads.

With the help of labels used in the transportation logistics companies, which have already known the benefits of this product, it has become to track much easier, follow, monitor goods turnover.

Depending on the conditions of supply and storage goods experts selected the best printing material, which will be produced labeling products. Usually, transport logistics uses self-adhesive thermal labels in rolls / roles, which made of high quality thermal paper. Also, the transport labels can be constructed of quality kind of semi bright and matte self-adhesive paper.

Employees of poligraphic company «Alliance» is always glad to provide you with timely expert help and advice in any question about the choice of labeling goods and provide the manufacture of labels and labels of high quality.